My husband, Kris and I shared a wonderful life together, and he died suddenly from a heart attack at 33. Kris left behind myself and three beautiful children. A few weeks after he passed I saw a medium who further discouraged me in the idea that I would ever know if he was ok. The information he provided was not accurate, and far from what I expected. I found you online and was drawn, and this was after extensive review of over two dozen mediums – although I must say I was still a sceptic. I sent you an email hopeful that I would be able to speak with you soon as I was still worried, and scared for myself and the children.
All I can say is I was amazed, and thanks to you I feel a sense of peace. You, Joseph have given me what I thought was not possible. A gift that is priceless!!! I wished I could have spoken to you all night – the things you knew about Kris could not have been found out any other way but by knowing him. At one point, you had mentioned a shirt that I held close. This was interesting, and I will tell you why. My friends kept Kris’s clothes for a while until I was ready. While they were doing this I took a shirt no one knew about and hid it in the bottom of my closet. Everyday, I sneak in the closet and smell it (it smells just like him, and I close my eyes and he is there). Not even the children know as it is well hidden. Joseph even if this was the only thing that you had mentioned in our session, this is what I needed to hear to validate that I made he right choice in picking you as my medium. I am truly blessed to have found you, and hope we have the chance to speak again,
Jenifer True, MBA
Tampa Bay, Florida…