The Oprah Show Producers,
Hello, my name is Lisa and I have been thinking about going to a medium for a while before I finally convinced myself to call Joseph. I was such a skeptical person that I called him from a friends phone number so he wouldn’t know who I was. He then sort of gave off a laugh basically showing me that he already knew that. As I asked him a few questions about what will I experience by having a reading with him, all of a sudden he started to cough nonstop.
He then explained to me that my grandmother was here and went into detail on how she died of lung cancer. I wanted to scream “Oh my God!’ out loud. He then went on to say that my grandmother was mentioning my mother and he then called her by name. All this information came to Joseph in a normal conversation on the phone as I was inquiring about having a session with him.

After the few more remarks that he made I had to make an appointment with him A.S.A.P. The main reason for this reading was to contact my cousin who passed away a few years ago. The day of my reading Joseph began with connecting with relatives that have passed away many years ago. He came up with names and detailed information about their lifestyle when they were alive. All of the sudden he began telling me things I did with my cousin. He reminded me that when I was a child I used to spin around in circles until I was so dizzy I could not stand. Then he blurt out that my cousin was “guuud” not good but “guuud!” At this point I could not stop crying because this is how my cousin would say the word “good” to me. If I had to write all of the remarkable information I received in my reading I would be typing for hours.
June 6th 2008, has changed my life forever! I used to not believe that their was a heaven and laughed at people who would try to tell me different. I thought it was just a myth to give false hope to people that there is more to life. Its hard to explain in words the emotions that I feel. Everything Joseph had describe to me was so in detailed, like the weird habits of my cousin and not general information at all. What really freaked me out was when Joseph began to pick at his fingernails and skin just out of the clear blue and asked if my cousin made a habit of doing this, and of course Joseph was spot on again. That was one of my cousins worst habits! The more Joseph gave me messages the more I became speechless. I will remember my session with Joseph for the rest of my life because that was the day that my life had changed forever, and for the best.
Thank you Joseph for everything,
Lisa R. Ft Lauderdale…