I had the honor of meeting with Joseph LoBrutto on his visit to Fort Lauderdale Florida. His gift was the best that I have ever seen!!! I spent the weekend in a little retreat that was held sharing his gift with like minded people, by showing how to connect with our Higher Being. We started out in a class of channeling. He taught us how to connect with the spirit world. We did testing on how our ability to receive and send messages to each other and raise our energy.

Joseph then showed us how to meet our spirit guides. He put us in a meditated state, guided us to a place where we met our guides and loved ones. A very touching experience ! He then went on to give amazing messages to whom he was guided to and was right on the money, down to details that only that person would know.

Joseph also did a little shape shifting, which was amazing !!! I never saw anyone do what he did. He took on the look of spirits, that came through him. His body changed from short to tall fat to thin, with the changing of faces. We saw a women with a baby appear and a soldier in uniform with his arm missing. There were spirit orbs and the twinkle of light being that came through. Truly amazing !!!

We ended the weekend with Joseph giving private messages to everyone . I have to say he had me in tears . Joseph channeled my son, and described how he pass and what he was going through. Told me about his Beta Fish and that he ( My Son )was sorry on how he died. Only I would have known that. It brought peace to my heart, knowing my son is at peace. Joseph guided me to where I needed to be in my journey in life. Thank you Joseph for sharing your strengths and showing us how to be a Light Worker Child of God and spread humanity love to all !!

Bless you
Kathleen Mills