I have to share my experience in participation in Joseph LoBrutto III “Divine Healing Gathering.” As Joseph made the rounds to each of us I could feel energy throughout the room. When he approached me I saw beautiful purple and yellow energy. I was not accustomed to seeing yellow but have seen the purple many times just not as pretty.

My physicals “woes” and request was in curing my Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes. Long story short, I felt the intense presence of Joseph’s guides for about 5 days continuing to work with me and my sugar levels have been excellent for a week now and my MS is behaving. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.

On another note, my sister Suzy has severe cardiomyopathy and Lupus. She has about 17% of her heart working and is on the transplant list. When Joseph came up behind her she said she saw a brilliant white light radiating. Most of everyone in the group were under a light trance, but not Suzy, she went completely under. When she finally opened her eyes she said she could feel someone pushing hard down on her shoulders and asked was it Joseph? I was sitting next to her and told her that it was not Joseph. On the drive home she was calm and very mellow and commented how she could still feel pressure on her shoulders.

Suzy chest pains have been disabling for years, and her pacemaker would go off several times a day. Joseph if you read this… Suzy sends her gratitude and love. She says the white light is still with her. For a week now she has had No Chest Pains and her pacemaker has not gone off since the healing gathering. She has felt better than she has in years. …. I am so grateful to Rhonda Manning for having Joseph at your Life Vibration Center in Memphis Tennessee and Joseph for sharing himself and his gifts. Oh yeah, Joseph she can’t put your book down!  Again we send Rhonda and Joseph our gratitude, love, and compassion.
Jenn Cuthbertson