Healing Testimony… I just Quit cold turkey smoking!!!

No matter how many times we go to see Joseph LoBrutto III. He never seems to disappoint and we never know what to expect. We went to his “Divine Healing of the Ascended Masters ” at the Scented Dragon in PSL this past weekend. This was not our 1st time but actually our 3rd.

I personally had a list of my own issues that I wanted healed for Roger and I the other two times and something happened that was very strange and hard to explain. The health issue’s we had that day went away and still haven’t returned!

Now on “Our” 3rd Healing we looked forward to Joseph true ability
not expecting anything but to just enjoy the healing and then to attend his Speaking to Heaven event afterwards.

Roger and I was waiting in parking lot just minutes before his healing event where I had to satisfy my craving of a cigarette. I Never Dreamt That Cigarette would be My Last!!!! . It’s Crazy!!!! I haven’t even notice after his healing event that I hadn’t had cigarette and hours passed.

NOW it’s Day 4 and I’m still Not craving or Wanting One!!!!! As you can see from the picture of all the packs I truly had No intentions on Quitting ! Thanks to Joseph’s channeling of his Healing Masters they knew I needed to quit smoking!!

Thank you Joseph for Sharing Your Gift With Us All 🙂

Dorothy Theresa Harris