Wow Wow wow! The reading I had with you today Joseph LoBrutto lll was out of this world outstanding and mind blowing. I am still trying to remember all the things you told me about me about Karen and the questions she answered for me. The things she told you in the first 40 minutes (typical Karen, non stop talking) were only things I have told my sissy’s and my good friend, other things you told me only Karen would have been able to tell you because only she and I knew. It was the best 40 minutes I have had since she died. I know now the pac she and I made and joked about years and years ago to send the other a “sign” is alive and well, I feel ya babe now and always. Thank you for making that happen Joseph. PS Babe I will continue to do the yard work even though I HATE IT.
Maureen R McNichol