I wanted to thank you for helping my family by connecting with my sister’s boyfriend Joe. My sister has been feeling guilty for many years about his death. She thought it was her fault that he died, but her boyfriend connected with you to tell us that he is sorry for what he put my sister through, that it was nobody’s fault but his own.

Through you, he was able to ask me about how the family was doing and I’m sure he needed to know so he can be at peace with himself. He also told us that he is very happy for my sister that she is married to a good guy. And when you mentioned the bar called Skeeter that we use to hang out with Joe when he was alive , it just gave me goose bumps!
Joseph you gave our family closure knowing that what he did wasn’t because of my sister. We greatly appreciate what you did for us!
Margie Volder
Green Acres, Florida…