Joseph ,
On June 5 you gave me a reading about my mom, Eva. Early in the reading you kept mentioning Willow Tree and wondered if it had significance. You said it could be symbolic. I couldn’t think of anything – no tree, no symbol, nothing. Yesterday it occurred to me.
My mom gave me a Willow Tree statue entitled “kindness”. When she gave it to me she said that it fits me more than anybody and went on to say how kind I was, how much she loved me, admired my kindness, etc. (That’s saying something because my mom was the example of kindness.) Unfortunately my 2 year old broke it a couple of years later. Since that time she’d give me and my husband another Willow Tree statue and we always associated those statues with mom – she became aware of them at the hospital gift shop where she volunteered for 19 years. So there you go! You were right on with Willow Tree.
Thanks again,
Melissa L.…