I had the pleasure of attending one of Joseph LoBrutto’s Speaking to Heaven Events. I went with some of my coworkers with no expectations just for fun. When he started he connected with a couple of people in the back of the room and then headed to the front row saying that a strong person is coming through, it’s a male with the name starting with a P. A woman across the aisle from me said that she had an uncle that passed with the name Paul. Joseph asked if he had a boat and she replied yes and then ask if he smoked a pipe like Popeye the Sailor Man?

I gasped but did not want to interrupt her reading but knew that it was for me because I had a small figurine of Popeye in my pocket that nobody knew. Then he said who is Emery? Now I knew it was for me and I raised my hand and said that is my grandfathers name. Joseph walked towards me and said your grandfather is bringing this person forward that has a very strong P in his name. That’s when I pulled the figurine of Popeye out of my pocket and showed Joseph. Everyone in the room was shocked!

Joseph asked how POPEYE related to me, and I said that when my son was one years old he could not say grandpa but would call him Popeye! That name stuck with dad until he passed. I can tell you that Joseph told me things that were absolutely amazing. He said that my dad, was the Bluejay that comes around. He also said that my dad has no regrets which is so true. So while everyone was connecting with their loved ones that passed very sadly and we’re getting their validation, my dad “Popeye” just wanted to say hi. Thank you so much Joseph for allowing him to come through.
I know in my heart he is with me all of the time but to receive validation is the proof that I’m not crazy. Thank you again Joseph, I would love to come and do one of your healing gatherings when you come back to Port Saint Lucie.

Sincerely, Joyce Salter