The very first time I met Joseph LoBrutto was at a Speaking to Heaven event in Hobe Sound Florida.. My daughter and I were very intrigued that night but unfortunately we did not receive a reading so I return by myself for the next night event.

This time Joseph approached me and said, “Your mother is so upset that she did not get thru last night when your daughter was here!” Joseph proceeded to talk about my daughter and ask what is with the Guns n Roses with her? Well , “wow” here is the thing. My daughter had a memorial tattoo on her leg of a horseshoe containing a rose along with a WWII bullet. Our family name was written under the horseshoe in remembrance to her grandparents so that was the Guns & Roses reference. Joseph couldn’t of seen the tattoo because she was not there that night!

He then spoke of my mother and how I kept her close to my heart. Thats when I pulled the heart shaped locket with her ashes from under my blouse that I have worn for the past seven years. Then he said your mother wants you to show me the cross that she made and again I pull it out from under my blouse a custom made cross my mother made for me. Lol..
I was so amazed at his accuracy that I booked my own home party!

My home party was another amazing night. Joseph began to tell a story of the Civil War and that a great grandfather is here for one of my girlfriends. He told her that her great grandfather turned his plantation home into a hospital for the confederate soldiers. My friend was smiling ear to ear and confirmed that she has writing a book about her great grandfathers experiences during the civil war and it was true his plantation was turned into a hospital.

Joseph has brought much comfort to everyone who attended…I have read all of his books and played with his cards. Since then I have attended more of Joseph’s events and I have to share with you all about his Divine Healing Service. Joseph only had to lay his hands on me and “HE CURED ME” of pain that I have had for years. It just went away and never came back!!! That day I also attended one of Joseph’s channeling sessions and was spoken to by the Collective who are a big part of the Christ consciousness. Joseph channeled to me life changing advice and “I LOVE JOSEPH LOBRUTTO HE HAS CHANGE MY LIFE”…

Leslie Jean