I went to a Speaking to Heaven event with my mom because I was curious why there was a bird at my window everyday at work along with other strange occurrences. My mind told me that my dad was trying to give me a message. My mother and I where the first reading when Joseph asked who was Charlie and my mom responded he is my husband. My father was not a patient man so it figures he was first in line lol… he also brought my brother in spirit with him. Joseph gave us accurate messages form both my dad and brother that only my mom and I would know, as well as taking on the personality of my dad!

When Joseph mentioned a woodpecker at my jobs window it made no sense but I could relate to seeing a gray catbird at my window, so I thought maybe Joseph was just seeing a bird. Well today not just One but Two woodpeckers showed up at my window. Its like Joseph said a woodpecker will show up so you know its your dad and brother watching over you. Thank you so much Joseph for letting me know that they are at peace and happy in Heaven. I will be seeing you again in June for one of your intimate sessions.
Heather Vargas