I was apart of a group healing a few months ago. During the healing ceremony Joseph walked around to each of us as he was called by the divine masters to do so. While we were channeling the divine master of love he came to me. At first I thought to myself ok, I don’t get why he is coming to me during this specific master calling, because I was there for other reasons and felt Love wasn’t something I had an issue with. But a couple of weeks went by and I found that my issues, the ones I went to be healed for, actually stemmed from poor family relationships and my eyes were suddenly open. Being manipulated by loved ones had manifested itself in other ways and, on the surface, did not look to be intertwined at all. Once I made this distinction the changes were near immediate.…He didn’t know what my issues were, they were never verbalized. But through his talents he was able to start a healing process that is working for me were others have failed.All because I was just skimming the surface but he knew where the root was and knew it was there that the healing needed to start.Thank you for that!

Danielle Workman