I want to thank The Scented Dragon of Port St. Lucie for hosting my events.

Good Evening Joseph, 
It was an extraordinary experience to witness you with your gifts. I haven’t been in this type of setting before so this flood gate of emotion washed over me. Thank you for your kindness, especially the connection with my family and former military boyfriend. I look forward to my next experience with you! Take care and Many Blessings,
Tess Your Sicilian sister in spirit! ?

Very much enjoyed this event tonight. Although everyone around me got readings and I did not, I am glad I asked Joseph to book here. He is amazing. Been to a few of these and although I have not gotten a reading, everyone I have brought has so it is fulfilling to see my friends get their messages. One of these times hopefully it will be my turn. I am so glad I messaged him and requested he book in PSL. Thank you Joseph LoBrutto Spiritual Healing Medium
Kathy Conor

It was great seeing at the scented dragon tonight. When my brother was coming through to my daughter brandy you mentioned arthritis or a clubbed hand I had forgotten one of the surgeries he had had damaged his right hand and he was not able to write or use it. You were definitely connecting with him. If you knew him you know he is shaking his head and frustrated I didn’t remember that and cut him off. Lol! Thank you it was great receiving the messages that we did and sharing everyone else’s.? Laura Morberly