Thank you for yesterday’s reading for myself, sister and mother….you brought a lot of closure to a lot of unanswered questions. You not only connected with my father but several other family members who have passed on. It was comforting and healing to receive our loved ones messages and to know how beautiful everlasting life truly is. 

One odd thing I have to share when listening to the recording. In parts of the recording, we can actually hear voices and a baby crying in the background. On the recording, we can hear people saying hello to our dad by saying “Hi Michael how are you”? As my dad replied saying “ hello, I’m fine!” When Joseph was talking about a baby in spirit we all heard a baby crying and saying “ hi mommy” as Joseph brought through the message. It was incredible and an unforgettable experience. 

The things that weighed heavy on our hearts suddenly today feel like we can manage our days now a little brighter knowing my father is at peace and still with us watching over us. We can now look at certain videos of my father in his final days and know he was speaking to us through his eyes and the love he was expressing was to each one of us because his voice no longer could be. That is the best gift we could have asked for and one that will always keep giving as we watch his videos from time to time when we want to “hear” him say I love you ❤️ thank you so much, Joseph!~ Traci Ann Lloyd

“Joseph is the real deal and I now have peace. The sounds on the recording are mind-boggling. During our session with Joseph, there were no other people in the office as well as dogs barking. As we listen to the tape at home I was stunned! Especially when I heard someone say my husband’s name and he answered. If you’re looking for peace of mind or just healing you must see him. He is the real deal! I finally found peace just by listening to the recording over and over again.” ~ Jerry Alfano-Sudzina