As a an Oncology Nurse with 7 years experience I would like to share with you my Healing Journey with Joseph LoBrutto III as a cancer patient. I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer on April 11 2011. I have been through Chemotherapy and several surgeries. On June 27 2013 I learned that it had metastasis on my spine. Surgery wasn’t an option since I had stage four cancers in my bone resulting in five treatment of cyber knife on my spine.

Following the treatments I felt between life and death but also felt as if I have been guided to meet Joseph LoBrutto III. I was looking forward to attend his Sacred Healing Gathering but the event was sold out, so I prayed for a cancellation. I left my name and the very next day received a phone call of an opening and was able to attend the beautiful healing gathering being opened minded and ready to receive without any expectations. After the group healing I was just sitting quietly waiting to be address by Joseph and he kindly offered to see me privately for healing sessions.

My experience during the healing sessions is very personal but I can reveal that I could feel the energy being transmitted through Joseph to my back where my tumor was located. After a few sessions I had my tumor marker drawn, a MRI of the back and a PET Scan done and so far, I’M CLEARED!!!

I feel Privileged to have had Joseph’s contribution to my recent test results. I would encourage anyone to experience Joseph LoBrutto III healings for your own personal Benefit of a great healing. I believe that GOD Works through Joseph in a Loving way that there is NO Words that can explain it.
God Bless Nathalie
Palm City, FL.…