My name is Cassandra and I attended two of your classes at the Jamar Enlightenment Center the weekend of October 18,2013. I just wanted to say (and I’m sure that you hear this a lot), but you have true talent ordained by God and I am so grateful that I was guided to attend the gallery on Friday.

I had originally signed up for the healing circle, but something (now I know that it was my boyfriend that had passed just one month prior) kept telling me to call and attend the gallery. All I can say about the gallery is that you were correct about everything and it was very comforting to finally receive confirmation regarding things that I intuitively knew, but needed to actually hear from Travis. While it was great to hear all of the messages from loved ones that crossed over…the life changing event for me was the healing circle. As you can imagine, I had been very depressed and felt like my life was utterly hopeless since his unexpected death. It was hard for me to get up and function every day.

During the group healing I felt a very intense heat behind me when you came to me that Saturday and placed your hands in my aura and you said something to the effect that the depression would be lifted and let me tell you, it has! I still have my moments when I get sad and miss him, but for the most part, I feel like I am my old self again…laughing, joking and smiling more than I have in a long time. I feel at peace. On top of the healing session, I’ve also been using the energy/healing cards (mostly under my pillow at night) and I feel like they are helping me a great deal as well. It seems like everything is coming together (finally) and I feel really good.

Oh yeah…the book. I haven’t finished it just yet, but let me tell you that I have been on my spiritual journey for the past few years reading different books and articles interspersed here and there on the internet about a wide range of topics pertaining to spirituality and your book was what I needed. It was all of the piece-meal information that I had been reading and hearing from different sources ALL IN ONE PLACE! As I was going through it, I yelled a big YES! Finally, I found what I was looking for! It is to the point, easy to read, understand and provides detailed explanations on a wide range of topics. I get goosebumps for the majority of the time I’m reading it, of course a sign from the universe that it’s all truth and it resonates with me.

Thank you having the faith to go the route that you did in life. I appreciate and respect the work you do and I truly believe that you touch the lives of many more than you could possibly realize. My son, and my friends have no idea what happened, but I feel as though they have me back in their lives (fully) now. Much love and many blessings to you for who you are and all that you do,