On Valentine’s Day, with bright red hearts and messages of love everywhere, it’s impossible not to think about the subject of love. My clients come to me with many issues and challenges, but the most popular topics are health, career, and love, and love may be the most important of these. As ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ we spend a lifetime exploring our relationships with others and hopefully learning how to express our love at the highest possible vibration. Although relationships may seem complex, they are really quite simple if you view them as tools with which we experience energy. We are constantly either moving toward the higher, expansive vibration of the expression of love or we are moving away from it.

However, because we humans we often struggle with the task of raising our vibration energetically to express and attract love at the highest level, we find that the relationships in our lives are not what we had hoped for. In terms of romantic love, either we are not in a relationship at all or we find ourselves in relationships that do not work well. We may find it difficult to move past the thoughts and emotions that are creating the current state of affairs in our emotional life without help. That is where the Divine Masters come in. When we ask for their help and guidance, the Divine Masters can step in and boost our vibration with loving, healing energy that in turn allows us to attract and sustain happier and more loving relationships.

I have created a recording that will allow you to access the high vibration of the Divine Masters through the simple process of combining sound healing with positive affirmations; “Love, Forgiveness & Cutting Cords – Dealing with Feelings, Emotions, and Attachments.” (available on Mp3.)

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Various masters help us in this recording. For example, the Healing Master Kwan Yin can help us raise our energy by guiding us with the first step in improving our relationships with others – helping us to love ourselves. She is here to help balance and clear our emotional body and embrace unconditional love. This is a critical first step if we wish to clear our emotional baggage. She also inspires us to forgive others as well as ourselves and to strengthen new and current relationships.

We can also connect with the Healing Master Raphael for divine, loving healing and Healing Master Indigo to heal all depleted energy centers in our body, and so on with various aspects of positive affirmation and healing. In order to attract and sustain the best possible relationships we need to start by being our best possible selves! Listening to the recording is a relaxing and pleasant experience as the masters guide us through all of the steps.

In the meantime, I hope that on this Valentine’s Day you will be able to connect with those whom you love the most. Don’t forget the toughest relationship of all – the relationship with yourself! Treat yourself to a little TLC. You deserve it!