1: Direct Dial: Joseph is able to connect to crossedover loved ones 95% of the time by knowing the relationship of the person with whom you wish to connect (mom, dad, sondaughter, friend, and so on). 

“I tell people it’s like having a Heavenly Phonebook. I do this so I can connect more quickly with the persons in spirit you want to communicate with.”

2: Direct Channel: Joseph started his journey as a channel to spirit guides (called the Collective). Since opening up to the Collective, he has learned how to blend his energy with that of crossedover loved ones so they, too, can channel through him to speak directly to you. 

“Being a direct channel means spirits can merge with me and their personalities come through to communicate with their loved ones.  It’s like the movie ‘Ghost’ with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze where he jumps into Whoopi to dance with Molly!”

3: Physical Medium: Physical mediumship is a phenomenon whereby spirit beings manipulate the energies of a medium to form spirit manifestations. People have witnessed electronics turning on and off, lights flashing, smells, and knocks or rapping sounds during their session and even days afterwards.

It’s Crazy!  It doesn’t happen all of the time, but people are telling me that all kinds of phenomena are happening after meeting with me.”

5: Healing Medium: It was foretold  that Joseph will become known as a Spiritual Healing Medium. Today, working with his own Collective of Spirit Guides, many have witnessed Joseph perform miraculous healings of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions. Everyone receives the benefit of spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body, and soul connection through his Divine Energy Healing Service.

“The healing I’m doing is something I can’t explain. I just know that there must be some kind of Divine Force working through me in healing people.”

5: Lifepath  Joseph uses four main forms in his mediumship readings. (1)Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit personalities (2) Clairaudience is the ability  to ‘hear’ what the spirit personalities are saying. (3) Clairsentience is the ability  to ‘sense’ the presence of spirit and to ‘sense’ what they are saying. (4) Claircognizance is “just knowing” without thinking.

“During my Lifepath readings I rely on my Claircognizance abilities so my own feelings don’t get into the way of my client’s reading. I find that I just let the information flow without hesitation, making their session an amazing experience.”  

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