I attended an event with Joseph LoBrutto called “Divine Healing through The Ascended Masters” and experienced an Incredible feeling of being healed from a chronic medical issue I’ve had for over a year. I’ve been suffering from edema in my legs that makes it difficult to walk without pain and I had limited range of motion.
Joseph begins the healing session with the group chanting out loud “I AM” affirmations as he moves across the room giving his attention to every person. During the healing I had a feeling as if someone was tugging at my pant leg, repeatedly! Also I felt as though someone was sitting in my lap as I felt pressure on my legs. I occasionally would open one eye and peek, lol … but there was no one there! My friend who also attended was skeptical at first, until she witnessed for herself, the obvious feeling of someone breathing over her shoulder.
As soon as Joseph finished his healing service I Immediately was able to stand up from the chair and walk pain free without a limp. I was so excited and impressed I actually was doing ballet in the parking lot and gymnastics on my front lawn when I got home! I felt just like I did just a couple of years ago when I had no pain. Even to this day, I continue to have full use and range of motion of my legs and feel incredibly healthy! I can not Thank Joseph enough for sharing his Incredible gifts. It was a Wonderful Experience and Joseph is just Amazing.
DawnMichelle Cassinelli